Best Cameras for YouTubers & Vloggers: The Complete Buying Guide

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In the event that you were to ask any cinematographer”whats that many important parts of a camera?” . Their answer could almost always be a lens. Used correctly and in the perfect settings, a lens can provide amazing video results that both are equally sharp and look beautiful.

While videography and cinematography have been in existence for over 100 decades. One art form which has quickly come into the spotlight is Vlogging. This wonderful new art form necessitates certain features and requirements for Vloggers and their lenses.

Since lenses are these critical pieces of gear for a YouTuber Vloggers. I’ve decided to produce this guide about the best Vlogging lenses so that you also can take whole benefit of the glassy goodness!

But first…

What kinds of lenses are best for YouTubers & Vloggers?

As I touched on briefly above, Vloggers need certain features from their lenses that traditionally wouldn’t be utilized. Also with the unique manner in which Vlogs are listed, there also has to be a certain focal length/wide-angle aspect.

This is principal because of the fact that the majority of Vloggers hold out their cameras from them via their arms, or attached to a mini tripod. Because of this, a wide-angle lens is best suited for Vloggers, ideally in the 10-25mm selection.

Possessing that angle perspective makes it possible for Vloggers to catch themselves, others and the background in the framework. Combining these issues together helps you tell a story which their audience will adore!

Below is a comparison with different focal lengths which I used with my own camera. You can observe the wider I go, the more natural it seems. Also with the more telephoto appearance, the backdrop and also my mind is removed from the frame which is not ideal.

How I Discovered the best Vlogging lenses

After Vlogging self for near 3 decades and speaker to heaps of other Vloggers. I’ve produced a list of features which I always look for when choosing a good lens for my camera. While a lens doesn’t need to have all of these attributes, it’s preferred if you can find one with at least 3 of those below 5 features.

  • Wide angle: As I touched on previously, having a lens with a wide-angle focal length is a must. Additionally, it’s favored to get a variable lens which means that you’re not locked into one focal length. 10-18mm, 10-22mm & 18-55mm are good choices.
  • Big Apature: The aperture of a lens is how broad is can open that allows more light into the sensor and is great for shallow depth of field videos. A minimum aperture of f/5 is great for Vlogging. Anything under is a bonus.
  • Optical Image Stabilisation: As Vloggers, we tend to record in a broad range of environments. So having a lens which can deliver smooth buttery footage is extremely import. IOS also occasionally depends on the camera that you’re using.
  • Continious car Focus: Being able to track yourself within a movie and stay in focus is crucial. There’s not anything worse than out of focus video. So using a lens which has this capacity is well worthwhile!
  • Compatibility: Regrettably not all lenses are born equal. Finding a lens that’s compatible with many different cameras will allow you to upgrade the camera body and not have to reinvest into new lenses.

Below I have segmented the different types of lenses into a brand category. I have included lenses for Canon, Nikon, Sony & Lumix cameras.

In order for you to better navigate my listing, I have color-coded the cameras brands so you can quickly scroll down to your preferred camera brand new.

1. Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM

Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Review

Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Specifications

Brand: Canon ASP-C Models
Aperture: f/4.5-5.6
Focal Length: 10-18mm

Learn more here

Canon Vixia HF R72

Parenting and lifestyle vloggers who want the portability and power of a small camcorder will love the Canon Vixia HF R72. This small but powerful camcorder gets rid of all the things vloggers don’t need but keeps all the things they do. Packed with a 57x advanced zoom, image stabilizer, WiFi, external mic port, and flip screen, this camera makes capturing quality video a breeze.

Logitech C930e

This webcam attaches to your computer and allows you to capture 1080p30 video with ease. While webcams have their obvious downsides (like not being portable), they can be a great way to get started. If you are the type of vlogger who plans to mostly make videos while sitting in front of a computer (looking at you, gaming vloggers!) this camera is for you.



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