Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder (Black) In-Depth Review: Shoot in Nearly Any Scenario

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Compact yet capable, Canon’s black VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder is about to shoot in any scenario. Whether you are recording home videos, events, or recitals, the 57x Advanced Zoom ensures you can find the shot in the rear rows of an auditorium if need be, whereas the Super Range O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilization) keeps the picture steady at longer focal lengths. HD videos have been recorded to separately available SD cards in the MP4 format for simple playback on many devices. MP4 files will also be highly compatible with video hosting services and social networking websites without format conversion.

Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder (Black)

Introduced with the HF R800 is backlight correction within the Highlight Priority mode for brighter pictures. The backlight correction examines the incoming video signal and admits that your topic inside the framework, and will expose to the subject, instead of an overexposed backlit background. In this way, if sunlight is behind the subject, it’s still possible to receive a vibrant picture.

This model comes with a 3.28MP Full HD CMOS image sensor that supports 1920 x 1080 resolution video capture. Canon’s high heeled HD CMOS sensor features additional sensitivity which provides lifelike Full HD movie with natural color, even in low light. On-chip noise reduction supports clarity in each frame, so your video and photos will be vivid, clear, even if played on a huge HDTV.

This camcorder incorporates an innovative Canon HD DIGIC DV 4 picture processor for increased imaging functionality. The increased performance allows for improved noise reduction and leads to more slender, more noise-free images, even in dark scenes.

Powerful 57x Advanced Zoom

As a result of an impressive 57x Advanced Zoom range, long-range shooting isn’t an issue. You will have the ability to create videos with dynamic variety, and you will be less likely to disrupt the activity you are shooting. The Advanced Zoom works well for an assortment of situations including formal ceremonies, recording animals in the wild, dull family videos, and much more.

The Advanced Zoom is available in manual mode and has been achieved with more efficient use of this effective imaging area. It takes the camera’s focal length out of 32.5mm all the way to 1853mm (35mm equivalent), which provides extraordinary flexibility in shooting. Plus, for more convenient shooting and better creative control over your videos, the camera provides continually varying zoom speed settings using three fixed zoom speeds and 15 levels out there.

Canon’s sophisticated SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer corrects camera shake instantly, so even handheld video taken at long focal lengths is sharp and steady. Providing continuous adjustment throughout the entire zoom range to correct a wide range of movement (with additional compensation applied at wide-angle focal lengths), the Dynamic Picture Stabilization system with this particular camera simplifies rotational camera shake. Controlling horizontal, vertical, and roll axis rotational camera shake ensures smooth, distortion-free video, even when you’re walking while shooting.

The camera records Total HD video directly to a removable SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card. Widely available in many capacities, SD memory cards allow you to share your videos efficiently. Besides SD memory cards, this model also enables you to use high-capacity SDHC cards and super-high capacity SDXC cards.

Capacitive 3″ Touch Panel LCD

A capacitive 3″ touch panel LCD screen that produces recording and other operations simple. Open the panel and the power is on. A gentle touch activates the display’s intuitive functions. Choose a focal point, track moving subjects, control exposure for chosen areas, and operate camera controls in the screen, all with a dash. In addition, the user interface makes your shooting experience simpler. The Home button is on the menu display and provides rapid access to all functions. Clear explanations for crucial configurations pop up when selecting shooting modes and recording formats, so you can be confident in the decisions you make.

Record fast-motion up to 1200x and slow-motion at 1/2x for improved creative possibilities.

Highlight Priority Mode

The Highlight Priority Mode is a gamma setting that provides an HDR-like quality for your video. By reducing the mid to high-brightness compression of the conventional gamma manner, the Highlight Priority mode helps prevent loss of detail in high-brightness places. Designed for display on a glowing LCD TV, videos captured in Highlight Priority mode ought to be shown at a high-brightness setting to help ensure an accurate portrayal of the result. Highlight Priority style in the HF R800 is augmented by backlight correction that delivers a correctly exposed picture, in spite of glowing background.

Designed for display on a bright LCD TV, videos recorded in Highlight Priority style should be exhibited at a top brightness setting to help ensure an accurate portrayal of the effect.

Framing Assistance Function

Lessens the zoom magnification when you get rid of sight of a topic during zooming, which makes it much easier for you to find re-locate your subject and zoom in again.

File Driver Function

With one simple setting, you can keep your videos protected from any casual operational errors. The File Lock function disables deletion, dividingtrimming, copying, MP4 conversion, and thumbnail adjustments with a touch, providing you with peace of mind when children or others use your camcorder.

Camera Window Software

Camera Window applications is available as a downloadable application. The program makes it easy to import MP4 and JPEG files in your VIXIA camcorder into a PC or Mac, where they may be edited and shared.

Key Features

  • Record up to 1920 x 1080p60 Video
  • Canon 3.28MP Full HD CMOS Sensor
  • DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor
  • 57x Advanced Zoom and SuperRange O.I.S.

Compact yet capable, Canon’s black VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder is ready to shoot in nearly any scenario. Whether you’re recording home videos, events, or recitals, the 57x Advanced Zoom ensures you can get the shot from the back rows of an auditorium if need be, while the Super Range O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilization)

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