Dell XPS 15 Notebook (i5-2410M & GT 540M): The Complete Review

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Learned from mistakes? After the last XPS 15 already excelled the competition in several ways (e.g. screen & sound), Dell now introduces a refreshed version of its elegant multimedia notebook. Read in this review if anything, apart from the hardware, has shifted with regard to temperature and sound development.

The XPS 15 clearly sticks out of the flood of accessible 15-inch multimedia notebooks. Dell not only relies on a case with unique appearances and high-quality cloths but also on strong innards. In place of a first-generation Core-i Intel processor, the hottest Sandy Bridge CPUs with two or four cores perform the job from the new XPS 15. Either the GeForce GT 525M or the — more interesting for players — GeForce GT 540M is in your service as the graphics card. Both are DirectX capable midrange versions from Nvidia.

There are far more options available for the memory. The range ranges from two up to a maximum of eight GBs of DDR3 RAM. However, a memory upgrade is expensive, especially since four GB is totally adequate at present. There are not many hard disks right now. Merely a 500 or 640 GB HDD was available for the configuration at the time of this test. In return, the options for your optical drive will be adequate. There’s also a BluRay combo drive available in addition to a conventional DVD burner.

Dell provides its clients with lots of rope in different things, as well. For instance, in the event that you frequently work in the dark, you will be satisfied with the optional computer keyboard light. Then again, if you are dependent on a high level of portability, you can choose the strong 9 cell battery straight away. Dell also offers a DVB-T TV tuner. The much more expensive B+RG LED display often overburdens the graphics card from contemporary games. On the flip side, it provides a lot more space for comfortable and efficient working at the same time thanks to some resolution of 1920×1080. Then again you can save an operating system upgrade since Windows 7 Premium 64 bit includes all vital attributes for regular use.

Except for the partially very expensive upgrades, Dell has principally settled for a very fair price — that the XPS 16 is available for less than 600 euros in its minimal configuration. However, the price quickly climbs to over 1000 euros with the based equipment.

Apart from the refreshed innards, Dell adheres to its distinctive style in the XPS 15’s layout. The round design will certainly not be everyone’s taste. The laptop reminded us of a rubber boat to a certain degree. On the flip side, we find the XPS 15’s coloration well-chosen. Black edges framework the silver surfaces which cover the lid, the top, and the base. Dell partly depends upon aluminum for this and the substance impression is of based high quality. The metallic surfaces also supply a good equilibrium. The case does not yield noticeably without using unnaturally large force.

There’s also hardly anything to complain about in relation to the XPS 15’s manufacturing. Everything sits perfectly in which it belongs, with the exception of a somewhat unclean transition involving screen bezel and laptop lid. The base unit only lifts slightly when the notebook is opened. Moreover, surface vibrations don’t cause the screen to wobble much. The 15 inches remains pleasant to carry around with a weight of almost 3 kilograms. Note: The 9 cell battery does not actually have a positive impact on the appearance, but the ergonomics are improved since the case is elevated.



After finishing all tests, we can tap Dell on the shoulder without any hesitation. The manufacturer has claimed the XPS 15’s numerous strengths and taken good care of old flaws at the exact same moment. The temperature and sound development aren’t yet perfect, but they’re no more a hindrance for purchasing, in our opinion. There are not any other critique points except for the fairly spongy and unclear (illuminated) computer keyboard. The XPS 15 does an incredibly good job in virtually all other issues.

Specifically, the B+RG LED display is in a course of its. The one or other external screen will have to watch out. Moreover, the big and accurate touchpad with its surface that is pleasant, the cleverly organized ports and the, to the most significant part, higher-excellent manufacturing needs to be noted. The competition will probably turn green with envy in light of the audio quality. They installed a 2.1 sound system from JBL that is simply awesome.

At length, the XPS 15’s good performance is not compensated for with restricted mobility. You’re independent of the mains for many hours because of Nvidia’s Optimus technology and the strong 9 cell battery. If Dell would throttle the emissions in load a bit, create a better keyboard version and optionally offer a matt display in the future, we’d be totally blissful.

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